The first festival in Italy to be entirely devoted to phojournalism world.

RICCARDO BONONI, IMPS Art Director: “The highest excellences and an international openness for Padua that in occasion of IMP will become an international hub, focus of cultural debate, window on the contemporary central themes and etichal journalism.”


Padua, 15th February 2019

IMP Festival Padua – INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF PHOTOJOURNALISM, on its 1st edition, is the 1st Festival in Italy entirely devoted to the world of Photojournalism. An important occasion for Padua to investigate the stories, methods and approaches of the best international photographers; a completely absorbing experience around current events and photojournalism; a bridge between the great public, publishing professionist and press, and masters of photography from all over the world.

The Festival will take place from may 10th to 26th 2019 and it will be divided into 20 main staged exhibitions in the most prestigious museums and exhibition locations all over the city, to which more exhibitions will be addded later; in addition, it will offer three workshops with some of the most successfull authors on the international landscape, portfolio reviews with the photoeditor from the biggest Italian newspapers and magazines, more than 30 talks and conferences, one film festival dedicated to the main photojournalism protagonists, together with dj sets, projections and evening concerts.

The Festival, among the main exposures, will house the monographic exhibition of the celebrated American Alex Webb, the exhibition of the Magnum Photos president Thomas Dworzak, but also the exhibitions of Patrick Brown in collaboration with FotoEvidence New York and World Press Photo, Mads Nissen, Peter Bauza, Mario Dondero, Giles Duley, Francesco Cito, Pietro Masturzo, Giulia Nausicaa Bianchi, Francesco Giusti, Massimo Sciacca, Andrè Liohn, Scott Typaldos, Erik Messori, Alessandro Vincenzi, Claudia Gori and Ciro Battiloro.

During the Festival period, Padua will have the honor to house the major world photojournalists, successfull reporters who, through the medium of photography, testified wars, denounced humans rights violations, influenced the public opinion actively contributing to changing the course of the story. From Iraq to Afghanistan, from Balcans to the Gulf war, to the most recent stories and controversies of the modern story, Padua will be the center of the international dibate about the best international reportage themes and stories.

The basic idea at the core of the IMP Festival – says RICCARDO BONONI, Director of IRFOSS and IMPS Art Director of the INTERNATIONAL MONTH OF PHOJOURNALISM Padua – is the belief that today photojournalism is the most rapid access to the international stories and debates able to link the four corners of the World, a way to turn anyone into a participant part aware of their own foundamental role even in the most controversial and geographically distant issues.”

The event starts with the desire to bring Padua, with its artistic, architectural and monumental heritage, on the national and international cultural scenario: indeed 8 main expositive locations have been found, all of them settled in the city center, easily connected with an accessible itinerary to visitors, which includes the main historical and the most attractive touristic sites of the city.

The Festival seeks to confirm Padua, on an international level, as an important hub of cultural debate, a window on the contemporary central themes and ethic journalism; all of this with the intent to unify the global current stories, from the biggest to the smallest”, Bononi says.

During the Festival many minore exhibitions will be also available in the off- circuit, always in the prestigious location with smaller dimensions.

Around 20 thounsand visitors are expected to attend the Festival.

The event is realized together with the Mayor of Padova and University of Padova, in collaboration with the Veneto Association of Reporters, the photojournalistic agency Magnum Photo, Prospekt Photographers, CAPTA, Emergency, FotoEvidence with World Press Photo, the Alessandro Voglino award, the contribute of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Padua and Rovigo, as part of the “Culturalmente 2018” grant and Despar Aspiag Service, with the sponsorship of Regione Veneto and the city of Padua.

Riccardo Bononi (direttore artistico IMP Festival), Graduated in two different fields of social sciences, psychology and anthropology, since 2010 Riccardo worked as visual anthropologist at the Irfoss Institute in Padua, Italy. Since 2015 his works are represented by Prospekt Photographers agency.

While combining photography and audiovisual as privileged research approaches, he has been working in Africa, South and North America, Asia and Europe. Since 2006 he worked as a field researcher in Madagascar, where he is conducting a long term project focusing on social issues.

In 2015 he was nominated “Best Photographer of the Year – Professional Sport Category” at Sony World Photography Awards. His pictures have been exhibited in London, Italy, Berlin, Bucharest, Paris, Beijing and Lishui, and have been published by several international magazines.

In his vision, documentary photography is much more than a mere tool for data collection: it is the base for an universal language, a bridge between people and places that allows to overcome the invisible borders among cultures.

IRFOSS A.p.s. The Institute of Research and Training in Social Sciences was founded in 2010 to connect people, fields of specialization and different interests. In a few years, it has brought together thousands of individuals and professionalism, channeling them into international projects on four different continents. The commitment to international research, with a strong social orientation and an ethical approach, associated with the promotion of communication forms and methodologies of visual anthropology, of reportage and of visual storytelling, has allowed us to inaugurate IRFOSS A.p.s. consisting of three interconnected specialized networks: Irfoss Visual Network, Irfoss Research Network, Irfoss Ethics Network.

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Press Office Veneto: Irfoss A.p.s.,Tel. 049.693251 | Email |

National Press Office: Prospekt Photographers srl | Tel. 02.36564115 |


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