2nd Edition Grenze – Arsenali Fotografici – en

International and contemporary photography in Verona

From May 31st to June 2nd at the former military Arsenal, the IUSVE University, the Design Institute Palladio, in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona – Department of Culture, organizes the second edition of Grenze, the Festival of Photography.

This year’s theme is fire, meant as a technical gesture that frames the object outlining its contours and shapes, but also meant as an ethical necessity that burns the superfluous to ignite the truth of the themes and urgent issues in the contemporary world.

There are eight participating photographers: Giorgio Bombieri with the work The last sinners, Martin Bruckmanns with Frame8, Marta Giaccone and her project Return to the Island of Arturo, the photographer Fiorella Iacono with Autodafé, Natascia Rocchi and Yellow Bile, Filippo Romano will bring the unpublished Novo Planeta, Andrea Roversi Dauðalogn and Jens Schwarz Themmuns.

One archive is present: the Aida Foundation with the photos of the historic show Prometheus of the Living Theater.

Special guest: Francesco Cito.

A young palestinian boy sports a “Chicago Bull” swetshirt, a member of the Gaza Rafah commando “Fatah Hawks” in camouflage holding a kalashnikov. Ziad Abusaiam one of the Intifada’s leaders in Rafah and he is one of the most wanted by the Israeli Armi, the Israeli security have his photograph, name and fingerprint, that is way he allows to be photographed without covering his face _ Uno ragazzo palestinese indossa una maglia dei “Bull Chicago” Un membro del commando “Falchi di Fatah” di Rafah in Gaza Strip, in mimetica e in possesso di un kalashnikov. Ziad Abusaiam è uno dei leader dell’Intifada e tra i maggior ricercati da Tzahal, l’esercito israeliano, i servizi di sicurezza dello Sheen Bet hanno la sua fotografia, nome e le impronte digitali

Grenze, also in the second edition maintains its identity: training and education.

The number of Workshops hosted in galleries, bookshops and University classrooms is substantial.

Among the presenters: Monika Bulaj, Yvonne De Rosa, Andrea Buffolo, Alessandro Nanni, Simone Franzolini, Luca Chiavegato and Francesca Marra. The Workshops themes and topics focus on Reportages, Street Photography, printing techniques and virtual photography. In addition, Portfolio readings and self-publishing won’t be missing.

Meeting with the authors will be also an important part of the workshops calendar. Mario Beltrambini will be also present at the festival introducing his book “The persistence of light“.

Next to the exhibitors at the Arsenale, this year there is also the Off section curated by the same scientific committee. Selected photographers will exhibit at the Church of San Pietro in Monastero, granted by the Unicredit Foundation.

Unlike many festivals that populate villages and towns on the peninsula, Grenze was not organized with the traditional “call” paid event system. It is an event completely free of charge, from its genesis to its participation time. It does not have the support of sponsors, but only of an intimate technical crew.

The event is rooted in the scholarly background and experiences of three curators: the professor and art critic Simone Azzoni, the photographer Francesca Marra and the lecturer and photography scholar Arianna Novaga.

The communication was instead entirely conceived and designed by the students attending the courses of visual communication techniques and science at the IUSVE. They have been responsible for dealing with the institutions, marketing logics and laws of the art-system.

Opening (guided tour and meeting with the artists): May 31st at 6.00 pm

Closing: June 2nd at 7.00 pm

The exhibition will be open everyday

From 09.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Free entry